A Few Short Minutes Coaching: Your Virtual Transformational Coach

A Few Short Minutes Coaching exists to impact people's lives positively.

We are here to assist women who may feel lonely in a room full of loved ones and no longer recognize their reflection in the mirror. We firmly believe it is possible to rise, heal, and rediscover your true self. Our program renews your resilience, self-worth, and confidence for healthier relationships.

My Story

Meet Stacey Short

Years ago, I was lost. Not physically lost, emotionally lost. From the outside, I had everything people wanted: a nice house, a husband, two kids, two dogs, and a job. Inside, I was resentful, angry, and so depressed. I hated looking in the mirror to see a sullen, overweight, and unhappy person. I did not recognize that woman at all. I couldn’t even look her in the eye. I was overeating to numb, drinking to numb, and yelling at my loved ones to be heard and noticed. I had no boundaries and no healthy coping mechanisms. People pleasing was a daily way of life. I didn’t understand that all of this added up to me hating life more than I care to admit.

Life changed when my baby brother died by suicide in 2016. I went through a massive night of the soul and sought help. I knew it was either to get help or risk joining him. As a mom of two boys, I knew help was the answer although the long sleep seemed appealing. With the help of mental and physical health practitioners, I slowly climbed out of the hole I lived in for about 15 years.

I learned to recognize my codependent and people-pleasing behaviors so I could stop living the same patterns that broke me. I learned mindfulness and breathing techniques. I started putting myself first and setting proper boundaries. I actually invested in myself.

I subsequently have become the coach I WISH I had all those years ago. I use what I learned personally along with what I have learned professionally to help you move through this process more easily. Don’t lose so many years of your life by living 95% of the same day over and over again. Be proud to look that woman in the mirror directly in her eyes to send her love. Rebuild damaged connections in healthier ways. Have true inner fulfillment and LIVE with Empowered Authenticity.

Our Mission

At A Few Short Minutes Coaching, we are dedicated to empowering women who grapple with exhaustion, indecisiveness, and a loss of identity. Our mission is to help women establish healthy boundaries and guide them on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Through our unwavering support, we aim to facilitate their path to self-love and renewed self-worth.

A Few Short Minutes Coaching provides transformational and mindset coaching across Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, San Diego, and Salt Lake City.