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“I have known Stacey for years. And when I decided to work through issues in both past and present, Stacey was the one I called. She was a professional and offered great help to improve my mental health. She was quick to help me work through issues of the past and helping me to see where those issues were putting challenges in front of me now. She was able to provide different techniques to use for different situations that were easy and able to be applied in daily practice. Exercises she gave were easy and allowed for growth! Although I don’t live even in the same state, and zoom can be a pain, she made the process easy! Bottom line Stacey is wonderful at what she does and I have and do recommend her to anyone looking to get help with mental health, being a better human in general, or learning to have grace for themselves and others. 5 out of 5 star rating!”

K.S. Seattle

“During my session with Stacey, I was truly surprised at how her questions and the discussion really made me think and evaluate my thoughts and feelings on my life and current status. I gained valuable insight and action steps to help me achieve my goals. I felt Stacey was easy to talk to and really enjoyed our conversations and deep dive.”

A.V. Las Vegas

“Stacey was absolutely amazing! She really listens and hears you. She wants the very best for you and will be committed to getting you there.”

O.E. Las Vegas

“Talking to Stacey for an hour was one of the more eye-opening experiences in my life. Not only is she super relatable, but she makes it known that YOU are the most important when it comes to the decisions you make in your life. Thank you for giving me the courage you did.”

A.D. Las Vegas

“Right from the beginning of our session, Stacey made me feel comfortable and everything felt very conversational. I learned a lot about myself and everything Stacey presented to me was clear and easy to understand. I feel confident that I now have a great place to start and move forward with my life.”

R.C. Las Vegas