Empower Your Journey: 8-Week Virtual Personal Growth Course

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Project Epiphany

Project Epiphany is an 8-week program designed to help participants break free from negative self-talk, find alignment and flow in their lives, and foster self-love. Each week, you'll delve into topics like the Hero's Journey, inner wisdom, meditation, powerful questions, life's purpose, stress management, self-compassion, and prosperity.

Program module

Week 1: Hero's Journey/No Expectations

LEARNING: Identifying the Hero's Journey in personal experiences and how can they implement this knowledge to overcome things with more ease

Week 2: Voice of Judgment/ Voice of Wisdom

LEARNING:Identifying inner voices (VOJ and VOW) in daily life, mastering the art of reframing and activation, and the concept of "Giving the Gift Back.”

Week 3: Meditation

LEARNING: Focusing on the present and embracing flow, approaching everything with fresh eyes. Be here now, be in flow, everything is new. Explore "The Myth of Multitasking."

Week 4: Powerful Questions

LEARNING: Discovering your burning questions and trying the "yes or no" exercise. Harnessing your intuition through the Future Self meditation and a practical demonstration of the "yes or no" exercise.

Week 5: Life's Purpose, EEE, and DDD

LEARNING: Evaluating EEE and DDD through a qualities exercise.

Week 6: Time and Stress

LEARNING: Shift your perspective on time, avoid time-wasting, and discover how to reduce stress by maintaining flow, even during challenging tasks. Explore stress-reduction techniques.

Week 7: Relationship to self and others.

LEARNING: Uncover your unique qualities. Nurture your vital self-relationship. Shift from spotting differences to finding common ground with others to connect, not judge, through the "Just Like Me" exercise.

Week 8: Prosperity, self-worth, self-respect, self-love, self-esteem

LEARNING: Delving into the dynamics of money, prosperity, abundance, and our emotional and energetic connections to them.

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