Revitalize Your Mind: The 6-Week Mental Fitness Journey

Your mind is your best friend. But it can also be your worst enemy.

Your mind plays a significant role in shaping your performance and overall well-being. Negative emotions, such as stress, can often be linked to factors within your control, impacting your potential.

Our breakthrough, research-based tools strengthen the part of your brain that serves you and quiet the part that sabotages you. You handle life’s challenges with a more positive mindset, and less stress.

We call this mental fitness.

Self Sabotage
Self Mastery
Shift the Balance in Your Mind

Experience immediate and sustained improvements in both your wellbeing and performance.

Boost Performance


Use Mental/Emotional Energy More Effectively


Improve Ability to Develop Others


Better at Teamwork and Collaboration

Improve Wellbeing


Increase Happiness


Manage Stress Better


Improve Self-Confidence

Strengthen Relationships


Improve Relationships


Better at Conflict Management


Improve Empathy

Based on survey results from cohort of >2000 Positive Intelligence Program participants after six weeks of mental fitness training

As Featured In

This has been an extraordinary gift for my team. The concepts are phenomenal — a true revelation in the way to think and handle work and life’s challenges. Besides the lasting impact on myself, I’ve loved hearing how many people this has touched in my company.

Jessica Herrin
CEO, Stella & Dot

Positive Intelligence can change your life and transform your business. A real game-changer.

James D. White
Former CEO, Jamba Juice

Most change initiatives fizzle because of our mental saboteurs. Shirzad gives us the tools to conquer them and creative positive change that lasts.

Dean Morton
Former COO, Hewlett-Packard

Working with Shirzad has had a profound impact on me. The tools and techniques to raise PQ are simple, concrete and pragmatic, yet incredibly effective. They help me remain focused on what truly matters and grounded amidst the swirl of daily life.

Jim Lanzone
CEO, Yahoo, Inc.

Discover What’s Holding You Back

Saboteurs are the voices in your head that generate stress and negative emotions in the way you handle work and life’s challenges. They sabotage your potential for both happiness and performance.

Explore the Program

Our PQ®️ Program grows your three core mental fitness muscles within six weeks. Breakthrough app delivers personalized daily practices that result in powerful new habits for a positive mind.

For Business

When a team focuses exclusively on performance, performance suffers due to prolonged stress, team friction, and low Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Positive Intelligence maximizes both performance and wellbeing, while growing 17 of 18 EQ competencies.

Take a vital step towards well-being and self-empowerment.

Contact us today for help overcoming self-destructive thoughts, self-criticism, and learning to forgive yourself. Our well-being coaching is your path to stopping negative self-talk and embracing a brighter future.


Program Module

The six-week PQ Program is designed like a mental fitness boot camp and combines weekly video sessions with daily app-guided practices to boost your 3 core mental fitness muscles.

3 Core muscles:

Saboteurs Interceptor Muscle:

Your Saboteurs generate all your negative emotions, including stress, anxiety, self-doubt, anger, avoidance, procrastination, insensitivity or discontent. Mental fitness requires the ability to intercept and discredit the Saboteurs.

Sage Muscle:

Your Sage is the one in you that handles challenges with a clear and calm mind, and positive emotions. It also has access to your 5 primary powers. All you need to paint any canvas is 3 primary colors. Similarly, through factor analysis research we’ve discovered that there are only 5 primary powers: Empathize, Explore, Innovate, Navigate, and Activate. For peak performance, you learn to boost all 5 powers and know when to use which power.

Self-Command Muscle:

You’re not in full command of your mind. If you were, you would choose to silence the Saboteurs in your head entirely. You would choose not to stress out over what you can’t control, push away self-doubts, recover from disappointments immediately, and spend little time in anger, regret, or blame.

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